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Battery Alert
As the batteries’ durability is of the utmost importance, Victron Energy has developed the Battery Alert©. A smart device that warns the user when the battery needs to be charged again. This way, maintenance costs and (early) replacement of batteries can be considerably reduced.

Datasheet - Battery Alert EN DE NL

Impulse II Battery Charger
A reliable battery charger with a long service life. This charger is also available with built-in
Bluetooth: the Impulse II Smart. The Smart model can be operated from your smartphone.

There is a rubber bumper available for the Impulse II Battery Charger. The IP65 Charger is already protected against dust, and water spray - now you can protect it from accidental damage too. This rubber bumper allows it to withstand the knocks and bangs of workshop life. It will extend the life of your charger, and it has an easy-carry handle, ...or hang it from a hook when not in use.
Manual - Impulse II charger EN
Impulse II (3D) file This is a 3d file. Please open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader and enable 3d to view it.

Manual - Impulse S12/S16 EN NL FR DE
Manual - Impulse S6/S8 EN NL FR DE


XLR Charger Tester
The XLR charger tester is a module specifi cally designed to measure a wheelchair’s charge/discharge current and battery voltage.
The XLR charger tester is inserted in the connection between the charge device and the wheelchair charge plug. The XLR charger tester measures voltage from 0.0V to 30.0V and current from 0.0A to 19.9A.